Robert R. Bennet

Researcher, scholar, and then globe-trotter, Robert R. Bennet left the scientific environment to discover the deep and mysterious world of spirituality. The author of the novels A jerusalem Story and The Dream, holds a Ph.D. degree in Middle Eastern studies and currently lives in southern France.   

Robert R. Bennet ventures into the world of mystical encounters with the skepticism and curiosity of an academic. In his novels, science and religion sometimes repel, sometimes intertwine, balancing each other.

His writings take us through the Israeli-American university environment, through the esoteric world of the Essenes, the Bedouins’ life of the ancient city of Petra, and the Saint Sava Monastery in the Judean Desert.

Gathering his information with the thoroughness and care of a researcher, Robert R. Bennet depicts little-known details of the famous Foreign Legion with great skill and accuracy, creating authentic characters with strong personalities.

Through his novels the author brings Heaven down to Earth, so that encounters between angels and humans, which seemed possible only in the ancient writings of the Lives of the Saints, become a tangible reality, fully integrated into the hectic and materialistic living of the modern man.